Welcome. Since 2007 Wayne has been a full time Independent film actor appearing in over 120 films.
After being nominated for Best Actor at various festivals Wayne finally won the 2010 Los Angeles Movie Awards Best Actor accolade for his role as Len Garford in Curio, a full length supernatural feature film directed by Steve Nesbit that was released in both the UK and the USA. Whilst the film itself got mixed reviews, Wayne's performance was really well received.

Wayne was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 2014 Maverick Film Awards for multiple roles in the feature The Trailer directed by Nick Emm for Jobbernowl Films.

Wayne has played a police officer in the hard hitting Steve Nesbit directed feature North v South with a galaxy of well known stars including Keith Allen, Steven Berkoff and Jude Alexander.

Whilst always at home playing the evil villain Wayne also has a genuine talent for comedy as he shows in the Studio of the North production, The Devils In The Detail directed by Tomasz Alexander. Its a delightfully farcical tale about what happens when two burglars are mistaken for ....cleaners!

Tale of Teeth sees Wayne as a sort of Godfather Santa doing business with the Tooth Fairy! in a highly acclaimed black comedy.

A much gentler side to Wayne's talent is on show in Reminiscence, the story of a loving elderly couple. Likewise, Georgias Angel is a heart warming short with a contemporary theme involving a teenage runaway who comes across Wayne's character Clarence on the same railway platform in Keighley where (coincidentally) the Railway Children was filmed 50 years before.

In addition to film acting, Wayne has a variety of believable accents in his repertoire, His voice is much in demand for such projects as radio presenting, film narration, TV commercials, voiceovers, animated characters and radio drama.

Finally have a look at the thumbnail in the banner above. Its Wayne as a featured extra in the cult film The Princess Bride back in the mid 1980's. Wayne says that whilst this is the only time he has been an extra it was this experience that inspired him to become the full time actor he is today.